Puerto Madrin - Rio Gallegos

The next morning Diego and Pepe drove me to the gas station, the same one where the wind had made me as white as a miller. The only difference was that this time it was quiet. I didn’t wait too long and a truck turned aside off the road in order for the driver to check the tires. At once I ran and asked where they were going – at Comodoro Rivadavia – and I was going there too. I got into the truck and we headed to the south. … »

Puerto Madrin - where the tents come to life

After Facundo and I bid farewell I bought a little food and caught the public bus that was going to the exit of the town. In half of the time we were going through various suburban neighbourhoods with sordid houses and streets, white because of the dust that the wind was drifting away day and night. At the exit there were two hitch-hikers – they’ve been waiting through the whole morning. … »

Sierra De La Ventana

Bahia Blanca is truly white. There hasn’t been raining for five months and due to the wind the dust plays a fundamental part in the colour formation of the surrounding landscape. Otherwise I couldn’t say that the town was remarkable about something. It was just an ordinary South American town like every other. … »

Buenos Aires - Bahia Blanca

Getting out of Buenos Aires is naturally just as difficult as getting in it and that’s why I decided to use a bus in order to reach some near little town situated on Ruta 3. And that was San Miguel del Monte, which is 100-120 kilometers to the south from Buenos Aires – the thing was that this bus simply didn’t have any closer stop stations. … »

Buenos Aires

The flight took thirteen hours, which passed faster than I expected. The last time I flew to Buenos Aires, I hardly stood the cramped seats of Alitalia, but the accumulated tiredness, or rather the insufficient sleep, somehow broaden the even smaller seats of AirEuropa and I was able to sleep most of the time. … »

End of Part 1… to be continued

End of the first part - to be continued

My way through Europe has just ended. Short statistics - for 23 days I covered the distance of about 4500 km through 8 countries. I was taken for a drive 36 times, I had 2 meetings with policemen, one night in a sleeping bag in a Serbian field, one night in truck’s cabin and one night in truck’s refrigerator. … »


I doubt I could say something about that enormous city after spending only a few hours in it and that’s why I won’t write a lot. The thing that made the strongest impression to me was that there were hardly any byciclists, neither there were any stopped bycicles on the streets and I didn’t see any cycleways. … »

To Madrid

It was Sunday. The gas station where Carlos left me was really big and situated right on the highway but… it was Sunday. Moreover, it was an early Sunday afternoon. And that immediately evoked the memory of the previous Sunday – trucks per stopover, walking on fields and gullies and all the other things related to staying at one place. … »


Zhoro woke me up about 5 in the morning. He works as a driver and delivers goods with his microbus to a few shops in different cities about 200 km. from Avignon. His idea was to send me with one of his colleagues till Perpignan and from that point I was supposed to hitch-hike until Spain. That was a really crafty idea, but when we arrived at the warehouse twenty minutes later it turned out that the driver has already been gone and the other one who was going at Montpellier… was gone too. … »