I doubt I could say something about that enormous city after spending only a few hours in it and that’s why I won’t write a lot. The thing that made the strongest impression to me was that there were hardly any byciclists, neither there were any stopped bycicles on the streets and I didn’t see any cycleways. Even at Barcelona the beggars appeared but here they were more and easier to notice. They lay like dead on the streets, wrapped in blankets and some other rags. Like every other capital city Madrid seems quite noisy. However the tourists weren’t that noticeable as they were at Barcelona. The other interesting thing is that the Spanish don’t care very much for cleanliness and you can see little pieces of papers, cups and any other similar trash on the streets. To my bewilderment I found out that it is a sign of honour if the floor of the bar or the cafe is covered with garbage – that says that the place is popular and there are a lot of clients. I also noticed that there are plenty of shops for meat and sauasages. On their window shops, ceilings and shelves are hanging significant amounts of legs – jamon.

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