At 8:25 in the morning I fell into rank by the road and began waiting for Andreas. He showed up not more than 6-7 minutes later with a notorious German punctuality and we turned our steps to the park. His Jeep was good (its rent was naturally expensive and the fuel’s costs were great) and it was flying over the gravel roads with an inspiring speed. We decided to enter through the near entrance of the park, which wasn’t as popular as the other one. That was a decision taken mostly by me because that was in keeping with my route. We reached Lago Grey with the car so that we would see the big pieces of ice swimming in the water. After that Andreas brought me back nearly to the entrance, we parted and I took to the woods. Well, at the beginning these were not woods but only a field. 6 kilometer later I reached one of the free camping sites, I left my rucksack and continued on the hillocks to search for a place where to take pictures. There was hardly any view from the camping site. After one hour of crushing into prickly bushes I found a good point of view and went back down. I decided to continue on the pathway ahead and I’ve walked about 6-7 kilometers until I reached some hills by the shore of lago Pehoe. The view was very good and the wind… ohh, the wind… was brutally strong. When it grew dark I went back and about 12 o’clock I arrived at the camping site after having walked 21 kilometers for the days. I didn’t see any other tents. I myself haven’t pitched mine and I just laid under the shelter.

In the morning I was woken up by tramping feet and I was surprised to see there were two tents around. I met one couple – a boy and a girl from Germany and the three of us directed our steps to the glacier Gray – about 21 kilometers ahead. The first 10 kilometers were easy and then we reached the camping site of lago Pehoe. There I calmed down when I saw there was bread at an acceptable price.

However, the other pathway was very difficult – a lot of wind and many hillocks. But just in the middle, at the highest point, the view was terrific. I could see the whole glacier with its three tongues surrounded by all the peaks covered with snow. The place was so good for taking photographs that I decided to wait for the sunset. I decided I could sleep somewhere by the pathway. I finished my book and meanwhile it became time for the sunset whose colours were unbelievable. At 9 o’clock the movement on the pathway came to a standstill and after the night had fallen I decided I could lie and sleep directly on the pathway without pitching the tent. The weather seemed like it would be good.

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