Mission Lago O´Higgins


The morning was almost sunny… except for the dark clouds that were coming from the direction in which I was about to turn my steps to. I moved out of the hostel about 10 o’clock and something, I went through the supermarket to buy myself a candle so I would have something to kindle the fire with if I needed it. … »

The unremarkable Christmass

I did two things after I found the hostel. The first one was to go and take back the bags with the rest of my luggage form the path where I had left them 6 days ago and the second was to go shopping as the shop was going to close soon. … »

Adventures around Fitz Roy

I got up at seven o’clock in the morning; I gathered my luggage and went out in front of the hotel to wait for Maria. She arrived by a taxi five minutes later. We went to the exit of the town and we discussed the hitch-hiking strategy. … »

El Calafate

… »

Puerto Natales - El Calafate

The two Frenchmen told me that they had slept over at the place of a woman named Gloria from CouchSurfing in Puerto Natales. Since I did not feel comfortable at all in the abandoned factory and needed a shower I decided to go to an Internet cafe and write her a message. … »