I did two things after I found the hostel. The first one was to go and take back the bags with the rest of my luggage form the path where I had left them 6 days ago and the second was to go shopping as the shop was going to close soon. I decided that at least at Christmas I could afford myself eating substantially, so I bought potatoes, sausages, Pepsi and wine, as well as some food for the next 4 to 5 days. Later I fried the potatoes and roasted the sausage and then indulged myself in mighty eating. Even the wine, which was the cheapest one (about 2,20 BGN) turned to be pretty good (at least for my taste).And thus an unremarkable Christmas passed away.

The other day I didn’t feel like going, let alone 25th December maybe is not the best hitchhiking day, moreover at Ruta 40. Something was giving me a hint that this decision of mine would not be left unaffected. Almost every time I decided to stay one day longer, something happened (like Masha’s encounter, for example). This time the story repeated itself. The Israel woman Aviv, who I was sharing a room with, told me that she had came along Carretera Austral and she had even went by the two boats for free. I didn’t need anything further for persuasion to change my plans – form the uninhibited, windy and dry Ruta 40 to the complicated, uninhibited and rainy, but beautiful Carretera Austral. This night I slept with the conviction that I was ready to keep on going the next day.

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