Again in Argentina


Carretera Austral part 3

A little bit before dusk we reached Chaiten. The first people I noticed on the street were Eli and Gilad. I got out of the car and went with them to examine the destroyed part of town. … »

Carretera Austral part 2


The little hostel at Coyhaique was practically an ordinary house whose owners have separated two guest rooms. The most important was that there was Internet and whole two computers. The web-side needed an urgent update and ever since I came inside that was the first task I took up. There were two boys from Argentina at the house – one of them was a drummer and the other one was a photographer and a director living at Switzerland. … »

Carretera Austral part 1


The situation looked absolutely identical as in Lake O’Igins – I still had only about 25 euros in Chilean money and about 20 in Argentinean. In spite of this, that time I was completely convinced to continue. Danny had enough Chilean currency, so I sold him my Argentinean money and I have already felt almost rich. Well … they still haven’t been enough to feel safe, but in any case now it was better. … »

Ruta 40


The six days I had spent walking and waiting for the boat were enough of a premise for me to stay at a hostel again. It was 31st of December and that confirmed my decision. This time I was jammed into a room that was even cheaper because it represented an extremely miniature bungalow with four beds. … »