10 months passed. They passed in waiting, making plans, changing the plans and changing the changes. Throughout all that months it seemed to me that there was too much time left to wait, but the last month was the opposite. The time now seemed too short. I’ve written the following sentence other times: as much you’re trying to prepare everything gradually and earlier, in some magical way the most work is left exactly for the last days. During these last weeks and days many people asked me how I felt, and whether I was afraid. The answer seems simple. I am not afraid. But a few days ago I was quite tense. I was thinking about all the things that had to be done, but there wasn’t enough time. I had to finish healing my teeth, to buy drugs and some missing things for the equipment, to pack up all my baggage and move out the flat, where I had lived during the past three and a half years. However, the tension reached its limit somewhere around the bus station in Sofia.

Once I got to the village, it lent his claws and peace took its place. Without the background noise of the big town and the permanent access to the Internet everything seemed normal,and at least gave the impression that there was time for everything that had remained unfinished.

The weather gave me a chance to use its last warm days to say goodbye to the forests, I had traveled over the years. I even got a gift from them - a whole basket of mushrooms - one of the things that I missed most in the city.

And now with the recent warm days one stage of my life was passing. I strongly hope the new phase to be lighter and warmer than the emerging grim time that would send me on the road.

If you asked me whether I was ready for what would be started, I would had answered – ”I have no idea”. But I had the firm intention to check out … TOMORROW …

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