At five and half I woke up to wait for the sunrise but it turned out that I was a little late so I missed it. After taking more photographs I had to take the tough decision whether to go to the glacier itself that meant 5 more kilometers ahead and back or to go on. I began walking back and forth but in the end I threw my rucksack in the bushes and headed for the glacier. After all I had paid a bunch of money to enter that park and I would better see as much as I could. The pathway certainly was not one of the easiest and the glacier didn’t appear that impressive from a short distance but anyway I don’t regret that I went. Then I returned, I ate at the camping site, I took a shower, bought some bread and went on to the next point.

The pathway was easy but the 17 kilometers I have passed took their toll and 7 kilometers later my feet completely surrendered. The plan to reach Valle del Vrances would not be carried out. I wanted to sleep up there because of the eventual sunset and sunrise but the pathway above is one of the steepest and most calculous. For those reasons I stayed at Campamento Italiano at the base of Torre Paine Grande. The camping site was full of people and tents but I decided to sleep again only with the sleeping bag. The night was quiet and every now and then the echo of falling avalanches from the glacier Glaciar del Frances was carried away. In the morning I woke up by sunrise for a few photographs of the big river that you cross with a rope bridge. After that I slept like a dead man by lunch time. The Israeli whose bridge was pitched next to me were worried about me because they thought the weather was way too cold only for a sleeping bag. But I felt absolutely well.

Anyway I decided to go up in the valley. At 4 I packed my luggage and little by little I began to clamber by the steep pathway. Half an hour later it was not as steep and it would cross beautiful lenga forests with plenty of fallen dry leaves. By that time almost all people were going down. The camping site above is hardly ever used and in the evening there were in total three tents and me. Two French couples and a couple of Polish. It was certainly much colder in here in comparison with the weather at camping site below. Probably that was because of the great height above sea level but I decided I would sleep only with the sleeping bag – I just crammed myself beneath a canvas that was stretched over some trees and served as sort of shelter.

The sunset once again stained the peak with blood. Then I ate a little and warned the French for eventual mice that might creep over the food and that’s why I told them to hang it on the trees.

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